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International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) is a global organisation with the aim to ensure high quality emergency medical care for all people.


IFEM works to achieve this through educating, advocating and supporting growth of the emergency medicine specialty in every country.

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Emergency healthcare is a universal human right. We are proud to support IFEM in their work to ensure it is a human right that everyone is afforded.

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Our mahi:

We worked with IFEM to develop a website that would foster collaboration between health professionals on a global scale. The goal was to provide access to resources and education for people everywhere: from emergency care workers to students and government policy makers, in every corner of the world.

In order to accomplish this, we engaged over a hundred emergency medical professionals from Africa, Asia, North America, Australasia and Europe in workshops and surveys in order to create the most effective and resourceful website possible.

We then set to work constructing a website that incorporated IFEM’s goals with the ideas generated in the workshops and surveys. IFEM wanted a website that would act as a living document of expertise, provide easy access to resources and facilitate networking between emergency medical workers from around the world.

The website was designed with accessibility for users in low resource areas in mind. We ensured the design was simple, mobile friendly, and made different language options easy to locate. It was also important that the website could work efficiently in areas with slow and unreliable internet. We achieved this by minimising the amount of imagery used, to avoid slowing down load times and providing downloadable resources so that people could still have access to the information if they were to lose internet access.

Because users of the IFEM website are such a diverse group: from different countries, cultures and professional backgrounds, it was important that the website provided information for non-clinical parties as well as providing support for emergency care workers. This was accomplished by dividing promotional and administrative content into different sections, and using non-clinical language where possible.

Emergency healthcare is a universal human right. We are proud to support IFEM in their work to ensure it is a human right that everyone is afforded.

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Partner: International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM)



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