Our purpose

We work with communities and organisations that seek to make the world more equal, just, and sustainable. By supporting our partners to advocate for themselves and their communities, we enhance their ability to mobilise networks and take collective action to deliver a better world for all.


The values and principles that guide us

We believe that people are powerful

Our experience has shown us that meaningful, lasting, and impactful change is driven by collective effort. We help organisations to mobilise and engage their communities using  innovative digital technologies and a human-centred approach.

We act with authenticity and integrity

We only work with organisations who, like us, are purpose-led and focused on positive social outcomes. We value lived experience and work to amplify the voices of marginalised communities. Change doesn't have to be complex or expensive. We offer organisations the kinds of resources they may be otherwise unable to access.

We foster collaboration, partnership and participation

We work alongside our partners and their communities to develop strategies and solutions that are driven by their needs and their goals, and we continue to support them long after the launch of a campaign. We hold ourselves accountable to the communities we work with through concrete actions like hiring, paying fair wages, and truly involving community members in guiding our work.

We connect and build community

Whanaungatanga expresses a sense of relationship and belonging that develops through the process of working together. The relationships we have with our partners are founded on mutual respect, trust, and understanding. In turn, we help our partners to develop greater insight into their communities and audiences so that they can build strong ties with supporters.

We honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi

For Purpose recognises Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the foundational document of Aotearoa and seeks to uphold Te Tiriti  principles in all our projects. We are committed to working with indigenous groups to support the work of decolonisation and re-indigenisation and challenging colonial power and racism. When we work with indigenous communities we work in partnership and recognise the boundaries of our knowledge.

We move towards a better future together

Our aim is to bring everyone along on a journey of change. We invest in the future by:

  • Building the organising capability and capacity of the organisations we work with. 
  • Returning a proportion of our profits to support communities organising themselves to challenge our most pressing environmental and social issues. 
  • Striving to lead by example in environmental and social responsibility.

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