Our purpose

Our purpose is to become part of movements that seek to make the world more equal, just and sustainable.


Our values

Honouring Te Tiriti

For Purpose recognises Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the foundational document of Aotearoa and seeks to uphold the principles in all our projects. We advocate Tino Rangatiratanga, Ōritetanga, and Kaitiakitanga, and aim to bring our community further toward these goals.


Whanaungatanga expresses a sense of relationship and belonging that develops through the process of working together. We’re network builders, always looking to create meaningful connections.


Integrity, we only work with organisations we see as having integrity, and the work we do with them as having integrity. You'll find us to be open, honest, and focused on impact and outcomes.


Grounded, grassroots, down-to-earth – that’s us. Our reason for being is to offer organisations the kinds of resources they may be otherwise unable to access.


We believe that the best work comes from teamwork; it’s by harnessing different minds, ideas and skill sets that we come to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Active Allies

We're always looking to uplift voices of marginalised communities. We're cognizant of power and privilege within our projects and take tangible actions to dismantle systems of oppression. This looks like employing, remunerating, and authentically engaging members of impacted communities to guide any work we're involved in.

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