Generation Zero Website

For Purpose did a brand refresh and website redevelopment in late 2022 to help reinvigorate the Generation Zero membership.


We ran a discovery process with staff and volunteers to gather feedback on their hopes and needs to help inform the new site, creating a flexible site that is easily customisable to suit different regional group's needs and campaign calls-to-action. 

Light coloured background with dark green Generation zero logo
A digital tablet displaying the new Generation zero website held in someones hands.

We also refreshed the brand to better reflect the organisation it is today.

6 young people at a protest rally, smile at the camera while holding a fabric handmade Generation zero banner in front of them.

Partner: Generation Zero

Dark green graphic background with a desktop monitor displaying Genertaion Zero website.
Dusky pink graphic background with a mobile phone screendisplaying Generation Zero website.

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