Lunch & Learn: Framing and messaging for movement building

A close look at the role of framing and messaging in movement building with Anna Jackson

Friday 16 August 12-1pm

Share lunchtime with us and explore the role of framing and messaging in movement building. This is a free session.



About this event

Strategic messaging and framing plays a vital role in campaigning, advocacy and movement building. In a world where people are often overwhelmed by information that is misleading, deceptive and divisive it’s more important than ever that we communicate issues clearly and effectively. In this session we’ll explore how we can support movement building by connecting with common values to shift mindsets and promote positive actions.

What to expect

We’ll touch on the basics of framing and messaging, then dive into examples in campaigning, advocacy and movement building to understand what works, and why. Even if you have a lot of experience with framing and messaging, we hope you’ll benefit from the opportunity to share and discuss approaches with others

We want to use these lunchtime sessions to build community as well as learn, so we’ll create space to connect with others in small groups for brief discussion and reflection and we’ll finish the session with a Q & A.

About Anna

Anna has explored many paths in her career, but these always seem to lead back to media, storytelling and social impact. She combines elements of strategy, communications and storytelling in her work with For Purpose. You can read some of Anna’s thoughts about effective messaging in this For Purpose blog post.

About For Purpose

We’re a social enterprise that works to amplify and empower the messages of other socially-led organisations. We do this by creating digital tools, strategies and content for organisations we believe are working to achieve positive outcomes for people and the planet.

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