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As a longstanding communications partner for the Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand (SEANZ), For Purpose has played a critical role in supporting their clean energy and climate-focused initiatives in Aotearoa and across the Pacific.

Our team has played a key role in promoting SEANZ's vision of a sustainable energy future

We have worked closely with SEANZ to produce a wide range of communications materials, including report writing, PR campaigns, media outreach, social media and website content. We work closely with SEANZ to ensure that its messaging is clear, consistent, and impactful, successfully promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate change.

For examples of our work with SEANZ download and read the most recent SEANZ Energy Strategy here 

and SEANZ's 2019 report on Sustainable Energy for a Sustainable Future


Image 1: Screenshot from SEANZ report 
image 2: His Majesty King Tupu VI launching Sunergise Solar Generation System in Tonga 2022

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