Zenaida Beatson

Director & Designer

Nō Philippines ōku tīpuna
I tipu ake au ki Motueka
E noho ana au ki Wurundjeri land, Melbourne
Ko Zenaida tōku ingoa

Zenaida is a communication designer, strategist and UX/UI designer who cares deeply about collaboration and wisdom-sharing, particularly with people from non-design backgrounds. She uses participatory design approaches in her mahi, working alongside communities to create visual identities and digital solutions that are connected and meaningful.

Zenaida came to advocacy through abortion law reform activism in Aotearoa. 10 years in the design field has seen her work for not-for-profits and social enterprises like Family Planning Victoria and Intrepid Travel.

She’s also keen on fjords, poetry and connecting with friends, even if that does mean even more hours on Zoom

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