Te Hou Ora Whānau Services

For Purpose worked with Te Hou Ora Whānau Services to create a visual identity and website design that reflects their culture and values as an innovative kaupapa Māori organisation. Through a collaborative design process with the organisation’s kaimahi we created a truly indigenous digital space imbued with kaupapa Māori values and tikanga.


Te Hou Ora Whanau Services

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The Challenge

Te Hou Ora Whānau Services is a kaupapa Māori service provider that seeks to empower tamariki, rangatahi and whānau (children, young people and family groups) to reverse cycles of hardship and create positive opportunities for themselves within the context of their cultural identity and through the application of reo me ngā tikanga Māori (language and cultural practices).

Te Hou Ora Whānau Services wanted a visual identity and website design that reflects who they are; an innovative organisation that draws on established kaupapa Māori wisdom and approaches while charting new ways forward.

It was important that the new visual identity and website would:

  • Capture the mauri of Te Hou Ora and the kaimahi
  • Reflect the identity of a kaupapa Māori organisation
  • Centre kaimahi in the design process and in the visual identity and website
  • Be a truly indigenous space, upholding Māori values and tikanga


A wood textured background graohic under a tablet with website mockup on it's screen.
Image of boy holding a canoe oar upright with THOWS logo superimposed




To create a new new visual identity and website that truly puts the kaimahi at the centre, our designers worked together with a core group of kaimahi and internal stakeholders in a series of 5 co-design workshops. These generative workshops invited staff to bring along their values, stories and photos of their whānau and communities which then formed the basis of the creative approach.

The co-design process also allowed us to create an authentically indigenous space. Kaimahi and designers worked together to translate kaupapa Māori values and tikanga into the online experience.

Led by the ideas and reflections of kaimahi, Te Ao Māori and the values of Te Hou Ora Whānau Services are embedded in the visual identity and site design through:

  • Traditional design patterns such as poutama and niho taniwha
  • The presence of atua in nature represented in video and photography of the natural world
  • Waiata (songs) Candid imagery of real people – the kaimahi, tamariki, rangatahi and whānau – that are at the heart of Te Hou Ora
  • The result is an interactive website featuring images and video of local nature, audio of waiata sung by the rangatahi and kaimahi, and resources visitors can use to expand their knowledge of te āo Māori


A wide graphic with green ferns in teh background overlaid with tiles of pages of Te Hou Ora Whanau Services Visula Identity Guidelines document.




"For Purpose produce amazing work. What sets them apart is their uniquely personal approach to learning about the people, kaupapa, values and objectives of an organisation. This was important to us because what we wanted was a website that upholds the mana of our mahi and visually reflects our whakatauki, ‘Ka Mua Ka Muri - Walking backwards into the future’. They exceeded our expectations, and it was a pleasure to walk with them on this part of our journey."

Dan Anderson, Chief Executive - Te Hou Ora Whānau Services

Photographer credit: Isabella Harrex Photography

Partner website: www.thows.org.nz

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