We’ve joined progressive campaigning experts New/Mode, Care2, Netchange and many others around the world in the recent launch of a powerful new campaign framework to step up your movement’s activism.

These international experts have been tracking a “small group of high-performing, community-driven campaigns [that] are winning real policy changes and engaging millions of supporters in this mode of political activity.”

Wow! Can we get some of that down here?

Well yes. Yes we can. New/Mode and partners have just released a report on their findings for engaging and winning campaigns, called Full Spectrum Engagement. 

What is full spectrum engagement?

In their words - “The framework is a combination of strategic principles, community-building best practices and multi-channel tactics that together enable campaigners to effectively activate grassroots power, target decision-makers and move them to do the right thing.”

Read the Full Spectrum Engagement report here.

The report features goodies such as:

  • How to help your supporters believe their actions can make positive change
  • Tactics for deepening supporter relationships and growing communities
  • A Full Spectrum of tools to bridge between online action to offline action
  • Tactics for fully engaging your decision-maker

Diagram of relationships between categories of engagement

Are you more of a checklist kind of person? Check out their bite-sized checklist here.

At For Purpose, we are big fans of methods that build powerful communities, and Full Spectrum Engagement is all about that.

New/Mode also provide a range of invaluable engagement tools, such as one-click calling, one-click email, letters to the editor, social storms, one-click faxing and “visual voices”. These tools are targeted at “the all-powerful middle” range of supporters. You can find their targeted engagement tools here.

These tools all integrate with our preferred movement-building platforms NationBuilder and Action Network, making the process of empowering your supporters that much easier.

Our team here at For Purpose continues to offer cutting-edge communication, strategy and digital services to grow your community, increase your impact and win your campaigns. Please get in touch if you’d like to talk to us further about these services.


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