Winning an election isn’t complicated - you just need to engage with people, to get more votes than the next candidate! But it is a lot of hard work.

A strong digital campaign will allow you to connect with more people, share your message with them (rather than them hearing about you from other sources), and ultimately get those people out to vote for you.

It's no secret that our Local Government is filled with the same old, conservative, male faces - that's probably why you're standing! We believe in the Power of Diversity, and want to help you succeed. Your success will be a win for the progressive movement.

So, we’d like to share with you a bit about the digital aspects of a good campaign, and leave you with some ideas and leads to follow up.

This is just a quick overview, time permitting we'll dive deeper into topics and if there is an appetite we'll run a 201 session soon after.

And if you're running a campaign on progressive values then we're always happy to help.

WHEN: June 25, 2019 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm
WHERE: Zoom webinar
CONTACT: Kristin Gillies · [email protected]



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